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Hey Look, A Penny

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Death, Incarnate.
15 August
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Welcome to my nightmare
I am the Concept Gamer

However you made it to here, Your welcome to come in, but you to leave now, unless you wish to delve deeper into my fucked up mind

My name is Twitch, My birth certificate says Rion Alexander Vincent Pantos, but my name is Twitch, And I'm a flat-out g33k, it's my life. I am constantly changing this info so keep checking back...and also I have an obsessesion with gaming and the interweb. I am 16 and go to Louisa County High as a Sophmore and I have fallen in love with a Girl named Brittany Anne Colvin

My ex LJ was ninjamonkeybeck It has all my doings from febb 2005-june2005 go and enjoy

A couple of words that sum me up:
Gamer, Geek, Loser, Raver , Loud, Agnostic, LARP, Anime-fiend, ITG/DDR-er, Pyro, Sailor Mouthed, Musician, Government Skeptic

There is noone like this in the entire world. I am the man who walks a blackend path being chased down by bloodthirsty homicidal Pandas, with chainsaws!!!

Shit about me
Loves: Video Games, D&D, Larping, Capital Punishment, J-Pop, J-rock, Elektronica, Nerdcore, Food, Sushi, Dik Diks, Platypi, Badgers, DDR, ITG, anything Bemani, Guns, Military, quantum physics, Ninjas, Chainsaws, Psycokinesis

Hates Hippies, Liberals, Halo, Sour Kraught, Cults, Preps, Crying, Babies, Mindless religion

it's a Dik Dik

Games Animal Crossing, Panzerdragoon, Advance Wars, Mr. Driller, GTA, DDR, ITG, Beatmania, Para Para Paradise, Pop'n Music, Guitar Freaks, Pump it up, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Dynasty Warriors, Megaman, Devil May Cry, Shin Megami Tensei games, God fo Wars, Splinter Cell 3, Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, Burnout, Unreal Tournament, Everquest, Guild wars, WOW, Elder Scrolls, Half Life, Counter Strike, Diablo, Final Fantasy, Rez, Guitaroo man, My DS

Movies Fight Club, Evil dead, Nightmare on elmstreet, Vampire Hunter D,Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Star Wras, of The Dead films, Kung Pow, Serenity, Sin City, X, The Incredibles, Monty Python, Any Mel brooks, Jet Li, or Tarintino flick

Look at the little Platypus, He's so cute, in a fucked up sort of way

TV Family Guy, Vandread, South Park, Lost, Dark Angel, Buffy, X-Play, G4TV.com, Icons, Attack of the Show, Gungrave, Zim, Last Exile, Magical Shopping Arcade of Abenobashi, ATHF, Lost Speed Racer, Evengalion, Sailor Moon, Hellsing, Portal, Red vs. Blue, The Daily Show, American Dad, Greg the Bunny, House, Tidus, Simsons, & King of the Hill

Hobbies This, Blogging, Fourms, Intenet, Games, Warhammer, D&D, LARPing

MusicChronic Future, Staind, Offspring, Disturbed, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Zepplin, Sum 41, Anet, MC Chris, Cheap Trick, Journey, Naoki, BES, Slipknot, Lacuna Coil, Utada Hikaru, J-Rock, Metallica, Steve Vai, Relient K, Nobuo Umematsu's music, Lostprophets, Story of theYear, Breaking Benjamin,and much MUCH more

Goals Colledge, Set a world record, Work with Games's in design or programing, hopefully never get married, go to all 8 continents, that includes Atlantis,, once I find it, that be, Find aliens...and blow their fuckin head off, write, say or, sing something that the world will remember forever,Most of all Just live however the fuck I want to live my life

used to have a picture of me here, but yeah It's gone
well now...here's some user bars

Well this concludes my little geeky intro,soo farewell I give to thee with a little saying

When a fox is chasing a Lemming
there is always the same victor
and it is the Lemming
The fox is running for his dinner
the Lemming always seems to kill himself
so The fox doesn't eat.< br />lol

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ITG, My AntiDrug


The Revolution is coming...soon.

Contact info..
My Myspace...myspace.com/dyslexicpenguin
Phone Number...(540)-967-3646
My photobucket
Now that you've taken all this time reading my pointless shit
How bout you read my fuckin journal.
adam sessler, advance wars, anime, atari, b4u, beatmania, beatmania iidx, bemani, buddism, capcom, castlevania, ces, chainsaws, chronic future, cosplay, counter strike, crucifiction, d&d, dance dance revolution, ddr, devil may cry, donkey konga, doom, e3, eric cartman, everquest, extended play, family guy, fight club, final fantasy, fire emblem, flcl, full metal alchemist, g4, game informer, gameboy, gamecube, gamefaqs, gamespot tv, ganados, geeks, gitaroo man, god of war, gta, hacky sacks, half-life, halo sucks, hellsing, hentai, hideo kojima, hippies, hot karl, ico, ign, in the groove, initial d, insomnia, intrests, iron maiden, itg, japanese schoolgirls, jedi, killer 7, kingdom hearts, konami, kung fu, kung pow, larping, lucas arts, macintosh, manhunt, mario, mc chris, mech warrior, metal gear solid, microsoft, modest mouse, morgan webb, mortal kombat, mr. driller, my chemical romance, myachi, namco, naoki, nerd chicks, nerdcore, ninja monkeys, ninjas, nintendo, nintendo ds, nintendo revolution, oddworld, pac-man, para para paradise, paranoia, phantasmagoria, picard, platypus, playstation 2, pong, pop'n music, probot, psp, pump it up, raves, red vs blue, resident evil, rez, rob gee, robot chicken, rockstar, rom-eo & juli8, sailor moon, santa, screen savers, sega, seth macfarlane, shinji mikami, simpsons, slinkys, slipknot, sony, south park, splinter, spock, staind, star trek, star wars, steve vai, sushi, tekken, the grim reaper, the pillows, the warriors, tiggle bitties, trekkies, tsugaru, unreal tournament, up yours, vandread, versus, video game girls, video games, x play, xbox, xbox 360, yoda, yoshi, zdtv, zoids

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